VAOM-2C: Guitar Player

Guitar Player Magazine - the most widely circulated guitar magazine in the United States - just now printed a full review of the revolutionary Voyage-Air VAOM-2C guitar in the monthly Gear Bench Test section of the magazine, April 2010 issue.

FOLDING GUITAR-MAKER VOYAGE-AIR’S CATCH phrase is, “Can your guitar do this?” If it did, I’d be in tears, so thankfully the company’s new VAOM-2C is here to do it instead. This guitar’s raison d’etre is to offer on-the-go players a hassle-free travel instrument that is also a real guitar when they get to their destination—not some low-volume mini-guitar or a kid-sized 6-string. I’m a cynic by nature, which I guess is the best predisposition for a product reviewer, and pointless guitar gizmos tend to irk me more than the run of general consumerisms, so I was prepared to rip the VAOM-2C all up and down the shop when I first approached the zippers on this thing’s admittedly rather large travel case. But you know, the major or immediate flaws just weren’t there. In short, right from the start, the neck folded into place, locked, and voila, I had a full-sized guitar in my hands.