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Bob Pellizzi

 A note to the staff at Voyage-Air Guitar:

“My wife and I recently saw the Shark Tank episode, where there was a re-cap about how the Voyage-Air Guitar company was doing. This was the first we had heard about these folding guitars. They seemed perfect for our use and upcoming travels.

“After some Internet research and a few phone calls, I couldn’t decide between the new BelAir electric guitar, or if I wanted just a Transit Series acoustic guitar… so I ordered one of each from Both guitars arrived in perfect condition, in just a few days.

“The sound of both is great! I have compared the BelAir to my usual Fender electric guitar, and I have to say that the sound is better, with more clarity to the notes.

“Now that I have had a chance to play them both, I am very happy with the quality of both the acoustic and the electric BelAir. I find that I am playing guitar much more frequently since I got them.

“Soon, my wife and I will take a trip to Greece, and I am planning to give the VAOM-02 to my nephew there, so I will need to buy another Voyage-Air Transit Series acoustic guitar.

“Just this morning, my grandson ‘Max’ age 5 walked into my closet and picked up my VAOM-02, and he sits down to play a song. Where he got the words, I don’t know, but I grabbed my video camera and have included it here. In the past, we tried to get Max going with other inexpensive guitars. Turns out no: Max wants a Voyage-Air!

Read about Bob Pellizzi in Greece, click here.

“I am amazed by the quality and tone of the inexpensive Transit Series guitar. With this quality, I would probably have paid more for an upgraded Songwriter Series guitar. But now, with my experience, I’m going straight to the Voyage-Air Premier series for my next guitar.

“Thank you, Voyage-Air. Your guitars have changed the way that I play my music, how often I play, and the way that I am able to pass the magic of music to my family.”


Bob Pellizzi - Buford, GA

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