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MotorHome Magazine tests Voyage-Air

Motorhomes, 5th wheel rigs, RVs... wow! What a great way to enjoy the Great Outdoors!

But what if you want to take along a full-size, great-sounding guitar? Even the largest RVs can be tight on space when packed with all the comforts of home. And obviously, an electric guitar and its amp are out of the question, considering power hook-ups and all. The best solution is an acoustic guitar.

Even then, you need a guitar that is travel-ready, travel-tough, full-size, yet still compact.

Voyage-Air guitar has the solution! A full line of acoustic guitars that include OM-style, Dreadnought, and the new Mini-Dreadnought... and they all feature a full-size body, neck and fretboard. They play with a deep, rich resonance and a traditional guitar body size and shape. These guitars fold in half, and fit into a custom backpack case so you can take them anywhere with your RV adventures! Now you can truly 'sing around the campfire!'

Or take them hiking. For a stroll down to the lake. Maybe just sitting out under the awning outside your rig.

Affordable? Yes. Prices start at just $459, including the backpack case!

MotorHome Magazine recently did a review of the Voyage-Air VAD-04 guitar, and did a great job of pointing out the highlights of this affordable instrument. The Voyage-Air guitars are the perfect solution for taking your music along with your travels.

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Owner Testimonials

  • This is a beautiful sounding instrument. It has a distinct sound of its own and that in and of itself is extremely attractive. The finish and construction of the instrument is of a high standard. 

    Gerry G - VAD-04LH with a LR BAGGS Element VTC pickup

  • I have been a pro guitar tech for over 40 years now. I have a vaom-04 in my personal arsenal that I’ve had about 4 years. I absolutely love it. It’s been on several airlines in the overhead and on many trips by car. The gig bag is great too as it holds all the 04’s gear (soundhole pup, tuner, strings, picks, etc.) And also clothes and some suitcase items for an overnight. It’s like a piece of luggage that happens to have a guitar in it as well. Very cool! 

    Dean - VAOM-04

  • The action is the same as my Taylor 514 CE, so my practice is undisturbed on the road. The sound is also very good for the price. I think I have one of your less expensive models, but it sounds quite good. Thanks for making such a great guitar. 

    Jim N. - VAOM-02

  • I am extremely happy with the guitar. I can’t believe how good it sounds and its overall playability. The pick up you installed  is incredible . Amplified it sounds way better than my Takamine which was considerably more expensive.

    Phil C. - VAD-04 w/ Stage Pro Anthem

  • Unzip the case, unfold his Voyage-Air guitar, lock the neck in place...and then play the guitar without even retuning -- all in the matter of about two minutes! The guitar played in nearly perfect tuning and the tone was stunning. In that instant I was hooked. The timing of my discovery of the Voyage-Air guitar could not have been better. 

    Karl D. - VAOM-04LH

  • My first impressions are this is an excellent instrument, even compared to my Martin, with a good tone across the range. I have capo’d to the 7th fret and found the tuning remains accurate. I am amazed at how light it is, which will be a bonus when taking on plane trips.

     Brad C. - VAD-04

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