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Rev. Nettie Spiwack

Rev. Nettie M. Spiwack with her Voyage-Air in 2011 at the Casa Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil.Rev. Nettie Spiwack travels extensively, bringing her music to far points on the globe such as India and South America.  Nearly three years ago, she discovered Voyage-Air Guitar, and ordered a VAOM-06.  It’s been her constant traveling companion ever since.

Nettie wrote us a long letter about her experiences with various guitars in the past, and how her Voyage-Air was a revolution for her travels.

Here’s a clip from her letter:

“I was happily surprised by everything about the (Voyage-Air) guitar…how good it sounded, how easy the action was, how well my hands could manage the (mercifully flatter) neck. And how light it was! Truth be told, I have many purses and totes that are far heavier!

“Since 2009, this Voyage-Air guitar has traveled twice to India, several times to Brazil, and on countless trips around the USA. It’s been on every type of airplane, and by zipping off the computer case, I even managed to squeeze it under the seat on a small flight from Madurai to Bangalore when it looked like I might have to check it.

“My Voyage-Air never fails to cause a stir. It’s still not widely known, and I’ve even had flight attendants ask me to open it so they could see it!

“This summer in Brazil, a classical guitarist almost fell over himself when he saw me fold the neck down. He held it mesmerized, smiling, unable to believe the sound and the engineering.

“My Larrivee, (that I named) Angel I, now holds court in my house and steps out once in a while for local gigs. She’s enjoying her retirement, and truth be told, sometimes I look at her wistfully when I’m going on the road, thinking maybe this time I’ll take her. But (my Voyage-Air that I named) Angel II always wins out.”

Thanks Nettie.  Click here for her complete letter.

Rev. Nettie M. Spiwack
Interfaith Minister

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