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  • Staci Leonard in Goffstown, NH

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Staci Leonard in Goffstown, NH

I had seen the ad for Voyage-Air Guitars a few times in Acoustic Guitar Magazine but I didn't give them much attention. Folding your guitar is a difficult gimmick to get by. It was the glowing review in that same mag that persuaded me to buy. Prior to that my travel guitar (also my play on my breaks at work guitar) was a Vagabond Travel Guitar - nice but awkward, the best sound (thin and tinny) you're going to get from a small guitar. But when I traveled I really yearned for the sound and feel of a full size OM.

Normally I'd NEVER buy a guitar sight unseen but after talking to Jim Wolcott at "Take Your Guitar" I took the plunge.

I love this guitar. I paid $697 and if I'd known the quality of the guitar and case (wow) I'd have paid a lot more. I show it to everyone. I've taken it to my local shops to show it off and I recently brought it to a weekend guitar and fiddle camp. It's a great product, a great idea, well executed, and I just want to see you guys succeed.

I play primarily finger-style though this little foldable OM can stand right up to a much heavier hand. My other guitars include a Huss and Dalton OM and a Taylor Limited Edition Maple dread and I don't feel my Voyage Air is a "travel guitar" compromise at all.

Staci Leonard
Goffstown, NH

Editor's Note: Staci was one of the early players! She owned and played her Voyage-Air for over 6 months before contacting us with this unsolicited review.

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