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Travel Relics

Voyage-Air Guitar is currently out of our 'Travel Relics'. Check back here often, when more become available we will put them up!

Voyage-Air Guitar has cataloged and photographed guitars that for some reason, do not meet our exacting quality control standards. Make no mistake; these are all fine guitars that play perfectly but generally feature a minor finish flaw. These guitars have no issue with the structure, playability or the world famous Voyage Air Guitar tone.

This is a limited time opportunity! Each guitar is shown with a picture of the flaw (if photographable) and description of what our tech has discovered. Because of these minor issues, the Travel Relics are priced at below cost, factory direct pricing. Please be aware that once these are sold at this special pricing, they're gone. Sorry, no rain checks or substitutions available.

Voyage Air Guitar prides itself on its customer service. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have. We're here to help you!

These special priced "TRAVEL RELIC" Voyage Air Guitars will only be available here on our website so check back frequently to see what new has been added.

TRAVEL RELIC WARRANTY: All items are guaranteed in working condition and have been quality checked by our full time luthier. Standard Voyage Air Guitar warranty applies for first 15 days upon receipt. Please refer to our warranty information for details - Additionally, your Voyage-Air guitar "hinge mechanism" is protected by a Lifetime Limited Warranty (refer to warranty for details). After the 15 day evaluation, the purchaser acknowledges that the Voyage Air Guitar Travel Relic Special is acceptable. Refunds not allowed for issue stated is description. Refunds are made for product value only, excluding shipping and handling charges.

We ship all TRAVEL RELIC guitars with its regular accessories, free online lesson coupon and Owners' Manual.

Scroll through the guitars below (if available) to find out more about that model.

The Collection