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TelAir in Cabo San Lucas

Peter Bradley Voyage Air TelAir in Cabo San LucasI received my Voyage-Air guitar just in time to take it to Cabo San Lucas for a week for my niece’s wedding at the Grand Fiesta Americana Resort. I played a couple songs at the the reception (outdoors by the pools) while my brother (the bride’s father) sang. I also spent several afternoons on my deck overlooking the grounds and sea strumming some Jimmy Buffet tunes, receiving some occasional applause from people enjoying the pools below.

It was great having the Voyage-Air with me. The guitar got many comments, starting with the security guy running the x-ray machine at the airport in San Diego, who shouted out “is that one of those guitars from Shark Tank?”!  Traveling with a Voyage-Air is a great way to make new friends.

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