We know you travel, and that’s why the Voyage-Air Guitar enables you to take your music with you, anywhere you go. This section features photos, stories, and videos from real owners. Play. Fold. Travel.

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Sometimes we get letters from customers that… well, really deliver the Voyage-Air message. This is one of them:

“My name is Ruth Bloomquist. In April I bought a Voyage-Air Songwriter VAOM-06. I had been playing dreadnought size guitars, I have a Martin D-35 and a Guild D-25, for many years. I recently decided that I wanted something smaller. Plus we were going to Europe to play music and I wanted something easier to travel with this time. Though I never had any trouble from the airlines when traveling with my D-35. The idea to look into Voyage-Air was planted when I saw Deb Cowan perform with hers last October.

“In May my band, The Ruth & Max Bloomquist Band set off for gigs in Belgium and France. The VAOM-06 fit in overheads like a dream. On one plane where my partner John was asked to side check his guitar, mine fit under the seat. It was easy to carry on and off trains as well.

“However, the sound is what really knocks me out. Most of out gigs were sans P.A. but that didn’t seem to be a problem with my Voyage Air! I really love this guitar.

“…Anybody want to buy a nice 1979 Martin D-35?”

Many Thanks,
Ruth Bloomquist