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Roger, who owns a VAOM-04, recently passed this along:

To the Voyage Air Team,
Again, thanks for all your help.  Let me give you some pics and tell you about my new tuners.

I purchased the Schaller, chrome, locking tuners from Musician’s Friend. Unfortunately, the turners do not come with any installation instructions.  Fortunately, very little instruction is necessary.

You can share this info with anyone else who wants to upgrade their tuners.

  • The Schaller locking tuners are great and fit perfectly.
  • Be sure to replace them just one at a time and try to match the markings on the tuners which represent post height.
  • Use the small screws that come with the original tuners instead of the ones that come with the Schaller tuners (they are too long).
  • If you buy the locking tuners, they will fit perfectly and there will be no need to drill new holes.
  • The Schallers look great and work great.
  • The locking mechanisms allow for fast and easy string installment and replacement.
  • The tuner gearing is smooth with no slipping.

I can highly recommend the Schaller locking tuners.