Available in the Songwriter Series Guitars

Paul McCartney on the White Album. Garth Brooks on stage. Johnny Cash. Thousands of superstars have made the Dreadnought a legend, and the most-recorded guitar of all time. Designed with a wide and deep body, the Dreadnought guitar has a big sound, great clarity from the strings, and is made to be strummed.

The dreadnought guitar body is larger than most other guitars that existed at the time of its creation, and thus results in a bolder and often louder tone. In 1916 the word ‘dreadnought’ referred to a large, all big-gun modern battleship The distinctive marks of a Dreadnought guitar are square shoulders and bottom. The popularity of and demand for Dreadnought has increased by their use in all forms of modern music and especially in bluegrass where the Dreadnought is used to produce the signature sound of that genre.

Voyage Air Acoustic Body Style Comparisons


  • Playing Position (at widest/longest point) – Total Length 41″ Body 19 7/8″ x 15 5/8″ x 4.25″
  • Folded – 21″ x 15 5/8″ x 7″
  • Bridge String Spacing – 2 1/8″
  • Scale Length – 25 ½”
  • Number of frets clear of body – 14, Total number of frets – 20
  • Width at nut 1 11/16″, Width at 12th Fret 2″
  • Saddle 16″ Radius, compensated
  • Weight – 4.4 lbs

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Available in the Songwriter Series Guitars