Christian Musician: VAOM-06

Chrisitian Musician JUN09reviewThen when you actually hold the instrument in your hands and take the full size guitar neck, loosen the screw/strap holder that securely bolts the neck to the body and fold over the neck towards the top of the body you can see the uniquely patented hinge system that makes this feat possible.

Now when the “folding-your-guitar-in-half” conversion takes place keep in mind that your strings are fully up to pitch (tuned to “E”).

Reverse the action and tighten the neck screw down again and guess what? You are in tune! What! Yes, you are in tune (or close enough for rock n’ roll).

A captured nut system keeps the strings from jumping out of their proper position during the process.

This is really fun to do and quite impressive to guitar playing onlookers.