Charles Picard is a helicopter engineer, and his travels take him to the northern reaches of Canada – on up near the North Pole. He works with pilots at remote ‘base camps,’ and his trips can last months at a time. Temperatures dip to 50-below zero.

Storage space is cramped on a helicopter, and Charles sorely missed having a guitar with him for off-hours practice and play. His solution? Voyage Air Guitar!

Charles’ native language is French, and his French-Canadian accent was deep and enthusiastic during a recent satellite-link phone call. “I choose the Special Edition VAOM-06 without a pickguard,” he said. “It is for my style of play, and I prefer to see all the wood of the Solid Sitka Spruce top.

“For me, the Deluxe Voyager Case of the guitar is perfect. The hard foam padding is rugged and has the zippered pocket for my extra things. The handles make it easy to carry, and put in the helicopter. When I have to walk through the snow with my things, I wear it like a backpack.

“This guitar I have sounds beautiful and is already my favorite one, and I know it will sound better the more I play. It is more than I expected for a guitar I can take with me.”

If you’re in Northern Canada and see a helicopter zoom overhead, it might just be Charles, with his Voyage Air Guitar.

These pictures have been taken up north quebec… (James Bay)