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I am incredibly blessed in that as a therapist, I get to help others make positive change and find peace and healing in their lives. I am even more blessed that I get to do that often times with horses on my treatment team (equine assisted psychotherapy). I was getting ready to head to a residential program on a ranch for at-risk youth outside of Amarillo, TX for a week-long equine assisted psychotherapy training. I was super pumped for the trip, except for one really big concern…. I can’t go a week without a guitar, and I certainly wasn’t going to check my guitar at the airport. I stumbled upon an ad for Voyage Air Guitars. It seemed too good to be true!!! I ordered mine right away and it arrived very quickly. I knew we had a lot of traveling to do in our lifetime together, so I named her “Gypsy”. Those who know me know that my two favorite hashtags are #horsesheal and #musicheals. Gyspy and I became a part of the morning routine for the folks at the ranch, the trainees pulling in, and the trainers. Gypsy put us in a good space and helped us to mentally prepare for the intense training ahead. I vowed that everywhere we would go – Gypsy would get a new Tat representative of where we had been.
See how many she has already!?
The name of the Ranch is Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, they were celebrating their 80th anniversary and gave Gypsy a tat for being there! Eagala (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association) is the organization I am certified through and thought Gypsy deserved a tat from them as well! As luck would have it, my flight out of Amarillo was cancelled and I got to stay in Texas a little longer – and found a Texas tat in the airport gift shop! We spent 6 hours in the airport making music while waiting for our new flight. What an amazing adventure Gypsy and I had in Texas! Horses and Gypsy – doesn’t get better than that! We are looking forward to many more adventures together! ?
Thank you Voyage Air Guitar for giving us that opportunity!
Four flights to get to Texas and back and Gypsy never had to leave my side ?