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Just to let you know how much I enjoyed taking my Voyage Air mini-dread (no pun intended) with me to Jamaica. We spent 5 days running a medical clinic providing charity care, and 5 days of R and R at a beach house. Beautiful time.

Anyway, this is the best travel guitar ever. The top folds down and straightens up easily with no problem. I packed it up to move from one place to another while there, and when I got to the new house and unfolded it, it was still in tune. Very, very comfortable neck and body. Surprisingly nice action as well. Good sound that’s mellow and reasonably loud—nice for folk and even jazz.

I have literally no complaints with this guitar. My model is all-laminate, so no issues with humidity changes at all. And, the backpack case doubles as a carry on that will hold a laptop and a bunch of stuff. I even put all my socks in the sound hole for more storage—probably carried 25# of stuff in the case in addition to the guitar.

I’m not gonna mince words here. If you are serious about playing a real guitar when you travel, you should get this guitar. The base models are super nice and all-laminate, but you can spend more for solid tops and more exotic woods and appointments.

Doctor Jeff
courtesy of https://www.jazzguitar.be