Shawn Smith

Road-Tested Case

Shawn Smith: Road-Tested his Deluxe Voyager Case. It was one of the first motorcycle rides of the season. Shawn Smith strapped his Voyage Air VAOM-06 to the back of his bike, and took off to join up for a group ride.

“It was a beautiful day, and I really looked forward to having my Voyage Air along for the ride,” said Shawn. “I thought I had strapped it on pretty well with a couple of bungee cords.”

Some miles later on the freeway, cars were pulling up behind Shawn, honking and flashing their headlights.

“I pulled off the road, and looked back to see my Voyage Air guitar, in its case, was dragging behind my bike. The case was still connected to the rack by a single bungee cord, and it was pretty torn up on the outside.

“I opened the case to find that the guitar was overall, just fine. There was one spot on one tuning peg that had small marks where the case ground through, but that was the extent of the damage to the guitar. Also in the case were my Apple iPod and some papers, and they were just fine.

“So this is just a note to say that the Voyage Air (Deluxe Voyager) case is tough. Really tough. I have no idea how many miles I was dragging that case behind my bike, but I’m replacing the case and will strap it on better for the next ride. You can count on that!”

Shawn Smith