Thom Bresh

Legendary Thumbpicker Guitarist

For any of you that don’t know the legend of Thom Bresh, he’s been an entertainer his entire life. Playing in Vegas professionally at the age of 15 and the list just goes on from there. Being the biological son of the late great Merle Travis, performing is truly in his bloodline and he has become one of the greatest thumbpickers this world will ever know, landing him a place in the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame twice. He was a regular on prime time television in the 70’s as a musician, comedian and an impersonator for shows like Dinah Shore, Merv Griffin, Barbara Mandrell and ended up with his own variety show with the very talented Lane Brody “The Thom & Lane Show”. He’s had three record deals, and was nominated for the two Grammies and an Academy Award. Thom has played side by side and recorded with guitar virtuosos such as Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Buster B. Jones and Tommy Emmanuel…just to name a few.

Thom Bresh plays his Voyage Air at Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night

RIP Thom Bresh 2/23/48 – 5/23/22

A friend of Voyage Air

Thom Bresh Benefit Photos