“Last week, I played my new VAD-04 at Wenshi Crater Lake at the edge of civilization in central Ethiopia.

“I don’t think the village children had ever seen a guitar before, much less a guitar that folds!

“Wenshi Crater Lake is located at about 10,000 feet above sea level. The crater lip is approximately 11,400 feet. You can drive to the top of the rim along a 45 km dirt road that climbs up the outside of the crater. Then you have to hike down to the lake.

“I started playing along the lakefront, where there is an ancient village and a group of children very politely gathered to listen. I then went over to them, and started playing Wagonwheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.

“The children got so into the music that, well, I taught them the song. My daughter’s cell-phone battery died before the song was over, but we got most of it on video.”

Here’s the video: