Neck & Body Material: TransAxe Series Telair Electric Guitar

We use maple grown in the northeastern part of Canada.The colder climate in this region makes for a shorter growing season, which in turn results in a much dense grade of maple. Canadian maple necks provide a couple of significant advantages; the first being excellent frequency response and sustain. The second advantage comes from the incredible stability that these necks provide.

It’s impossible to discuss alder without making reference to the first CA made solid body guitars which first used alder prominently in the late ’50s and early ’60s. It’s a medium-weight wood. Alder has a strong, clear, full-bodied sound, with thick, rich mids and excellent lows. Its highs sizzle, but are never harsh, and it offers a wonderful amount of sustain. Alder is most often used on its own as a body wood.

Available Models

  • VET-1 Black w/ Rosewood neck and White Pickguard
  • VET-2SBB Sunburst w/Maple Neck and Black Pickguard