Woods & Materials
This section explains the woods, hardware and materials that are used for Voyage Air guitars. Learn more about the individual components.


Rhythm, lead, chicken pickin’ and slide never sounded better! The Tone Rider Vintage Plus neck model offers warmth and clarity and enough punch for country, blues, pop and jazz applications.. The bridge uses aged magnets and is under-wound to retain the dynamic high-end that country players demand, without sacrificing the slightly compressed low-end that make Tele bridge pickups a joy to play. Rolling back the volume and tone slightly create a wonderfully open tone for combined rhythm and chord work. A grounded full size copper plated baseplate adds to the tone and completes the look and feel.

Pickup Tech Specs

Vintage Plus Neck

Model TRT1N
Magnets Alnico 5 Rods
DCR 6.8k
Inductance 1.9H
Stagger Flat
Hookup Wire Vintage Briad
Scatter Medium

Vintage 90 Bridge

Model TRT1B
Magnets Alnico 5 Rods
DCR 6.0k
Inductance 2.5H
Stagger Flat
Hookup Wire Vintage Braid
Scatter Medium
Baseplate Steel