Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars

Folding Fender? That’s where Voyage Air Guitar comes in. We ARE the innovation leader. Fender is hip enough to recognize that fact and astute enough to do something about it. In a series of “secret meetings”, the Fender and Voyage Air senior staff met to discuss what we would build, how to build it, and how to protect the integrity and independence of each brand. The result? We agreed on a market test. Shark Tank brought their cameras in to witness Kevin and I negotiate the terms of the market test with Fender’s senior staff. The test will include a very limited run of a few hundred Fender Voyage Air Guitars placed in key retail stores around the country.

Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars CD60 and CD140VA. Both include the Voyage Air Guitar patented folding hinge and will include the backpack-style case. ‘Redefining Air Guitar,’ ‘Unrivaled Fender Quality – Anytime, Anywhere’ and ‘Outstanding Affordability’ are what the line affords each customer.