60 days, over 14,000 miles, in a Mini Cooper

I use music to empower and inspire youth all over the country as a motivational speaker and entertainer.

Voyage Air Guitar has been an amazing help! My wife, dog and I traveled for over 60 days and over 14,000 miles in a mini cooper wrapped in cartoons. It was an amazing journey and my Voyage Air is compact, beautiful sounding, and very well made! I use that guitar at every hospital and speaking event! It is amazing and I am so thankful.

I discovered the power of music after receiving a severe head injury, music and song writing served as a creative outlet during my recovery, I had no idea how much music would play a role in my life. I was able to write silly songs and create music videos to cheer up my mother who was suffering from terminal cancer. Years later after her passing I continue to use music to bring healing, empowerment and a positive distraction to cancer patients. I created an interactive music program called Outside the Music Box, after my mother passed away. I wanted to preserve the legacies of patients and give them a creative outlet to release stress. We help kids in the cancer units write songs and create animated music videos for each of their songs. The program was having such an impact in Boston Hospitals that my wife and I knew we had to bring this to more patients. We recently set off on a U.S. Hospital Tour working with pediatric oncology patients all over the nation.  The tour was made possible with the help from our sponsors at Toontastic and Google. The results were amazing and this wonderful work continues each day thanks to additional sponsors like Fastcap and MUSIC beats Hearts. The program brings normalcy, positivity and creativity to very difficult situations.

My name is James Orrigo, I am the CEO and founder of Lad in a Battle LLC.

Video from the U.S. Hospital Tour.

One of the many pediatric patient songs created.

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