Jerry Kern talks about his VAD-06

Jerry Kern talks about his VAD-06: I’ve been a bass player in rock bands for years from Northeastern Pennsylvania to Charleston, SC, Washington DC and South Florida. I had a bunch of fun and made lifelong friends in those bands, but have now decided that the rock band thing is over for me. I can’t, however, give up playing altogether.

I’ve always had an acoustic guitar around for writing, supplementing my bass playing or just for sitting around and playing songs for friends. When I moved to Florida, I discovered that some of my neighbors are very good musicians. Eventually, we got together and had a jam session and since then have been playing parties in the neighborhood and have been offered gigs at local venues (which may happen, but the party gigs are too fun to give up). We call ourselves the Black Flamingos. The concept is that anyone who sits in to jam with us in any capacity automatically becomes a band member.

I have a great career which includes some traveling and we fly to visit family and friends at least a few times a year, so I started looking for a travel guitar this year. I did some extensive research and found the options to be very limited, with most being mini guitars or guitar-like sticks with strings. I eventually played a Voyage Air and immediately ordered one. I was absolutely stunned by the sound and play-ability of this guitar, but there’s one more aspect of it that really made a difference for me. The Black Flamingos play a lot of acoustic versions of rock songs, and with a bunch of people with tambourines, gourd shakers, cowbells and all singing along, the guitars can be easily drowned out. Well, not my VAD-06; this thing projects like crazy! I really couldn’t be more satisfied with this instrument. There are a lot of parties in it’s future and trips to friends and family.

If any of you are ever in the West Palm Beach area – look us up, chances are there’s a party in the neighborhood. Check us out on facebook and let us know if you want to join us!

Jerry Kern