These notables in their own respective spaces are either Artists, Writers, Producers & Guitarists who either own, play or have had a Voyage Air on their tour bus. Regardless, they are not endorsers rather ones who know the value of the original folding guitar, Voyage Air.

From the words of Corn,

That guitar, I have lovingly named Berlin, is my new best buddy. Traveled through four countries on four airlines and six flights as a carry on; Walked, train’d, metro’d, and cab’d many miles through unfamiliar cities. And, Berlin sounded amazing at every set. A metal man and his folding acoustic bridging genre’s with folk edge.”

The guitar worked awesome and it made it home without a scratch.  I shared the “amazing folding guitar” with a pile of folks. Europe is a great for Voyage Air. You see many people with guitars walking around and boarding all types of transit. Its not so easy as driving up to your venue and playing over there. I have attached a great panoramic of a gig I did at “The Galway” in Paris. The weather was hot over there and no one has A/C so it was an amazing set considering the entire inside of the venue was completely full and as I played people filled the tables and sidewalk outside the venue.

We started tracking an acoustic version of an upcoming release “Human Paradigm”. I’m using the VAMD-04 (“Berlin”) along with my full sized for both lead and rhythm tracks. The engineer was surprised how well it tracks and blends. It has added a lot of depth and clarity.

I will have the guitar in the live arsenal on Oct. 12th for a supporting set with Former top 3 American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin. (It still amazes me that we can pull off a “metal” set acoustically with acts that the true nature of the music would not normally comingle.) We just did a supporting set with the country artist Mark Wills for example.

I love this guitar and its design and have shared it around the globe. I am happy to support Voyage Air, thanks for the endorsement and great customer service.