Born in Worcester Massachusetts, then raised in Hatillo Puerto Rico. As far as  can remember, he has always had the love for creating music. At the age of 8, he picked up his first guitar and right away started writing his first melodies. Most of his years in Puerto Rico, he dedicated his time to studies, church band and choir. Years later, he moved to the states in search of his musical career. There is where he formed the rock band Italic with childhood friends Billy Soler Harrison and Armando “Dizzy” Toledo. Italic was a stepping ground for De Soberal. His first album Oracle At Delphi was composed of hard rock, moody melodies and dark poetic vocal delivery.

In 2008, he met musician/producer and great friend Erben Perez ( bassist for Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez ) and produced albums for Talking Buddha and Michael Stewart. As De Soberal and Perez became more acquainted, De Soberal learned and found and new love for latin music and percussion. Along Erben’s side, De Soberal has played out of the country with Son 9 Allstars, Mario Sebastian, Junito Davila, Ricky Gonzalez, Erik Velez and Angel Fernandez.

De Soberal also a recording engineer has recorded artists such as Eric “Bori” Rivera, Michael Stewart, Chris Alfinez, Annette Carrion, and has engineered on several of Marc Anthony’s projects. Owner of Solace Production Studio, is where a new sound has grown from De Soberal’s soul. Currently St. David ( Santo David ) has an album in the mix with a fusion of Latin percussion and hard rock. St David is Currently, Touring the US and Latin America. You can hear and Download “Renacer” at Itunes and via the website.