Guitar, Bike & Beach

“I teach evening guitar classes at the Solano Community College, in California…both at the Fairfield and Vallejo campuses (yes, after my day job). I always bring my Voyage-Air guitar. I love to ask the question of how “this” guitar fits in “this” backpack. In other words, Voyage Air gets a lot of exposure. I have around 20-25 students each semester. This guitar gets a lot of attention everywhere I bring it!

“I also bring it with me when I ride on the back of my husband’s motorcycle. Now we don’t need to choose between the bike and the guitar. We both get the best of both our worlds. And last summer we took my parents to Carmel for the weekend. We told them part of the deal was hanging out on the beach with some good food, wine, and guitar. They loved it (ok…so my dad is my biggest fan). We had a great time. As a matter of fact, tomorrow we’re going to the Napa Valley with some friends and they said to bring a guitar…guess which one I’ll bring….

“You are selling a great product. If you ever need a spokesperson you know how to get in touch with me….!”

Thanks again and take care,

Cheryl Warren