in my humble opinion, this guitar is on a par

This is a long overdue review and thank you to the fine folks at Voyage Air.  About 3 years ago, I ordered a Voyage Air guitar from a “not to be named” national music store. After about 6 months of promises from this music store that the guitar I had already paid for would be delivered “next week,” I finally reached out to Voyage Air, who informed me that you could only purchase their guitars directly from them, that this national music store was not authorized to sell their guitars, and that they had been asked numerous times to take their guitars off of their web-site. As a result of this fiasco, and with the help of a very good local store manager, they finally took Voyage Air guitars off of their web-site.

Long story short – I got my money back from the music store and I worked with Barney Leeson from Voyage Air to finally get my VAOM-2CNA. Even though I was now working directly with Voyage Air, this was still not an easy task. Not a hassle for me, but it was for Barney. At the time, they were transitioning between factories and did not have any of this model in stock. After doing some additional research, Barney found one that was in a small warehouse they had about an hour drive away. He personally drove there, got the guitar and sent it to me.

In the 2 plus years that I have had my Voyage Air guitar, it has flown with me several times, and when it is not folded in its case for travel, it is on its stand in my home office/studio and ready for me to play as my every day go-to guitar. I also have a couple Martin guitars, and in my humble opinion, this guitar is on a par with those guitars in every way: from beauty and finish quality to playability to tone.

Thank you Voyage Air for such a fine instrument, and especially thank you Barney for your commitment to excellent customer service!

Tom B