Steve Senes: Guitar Player Magazine’s ‘Guitar Superstar’ Competition Winner

Steve Senes didn’t start playing until he was 15, but now it’s rare to see him without a guitar in his hands. Having played with various bands and styles from Rock, Metal and Southern, to Funk, R&B and Soul, this diversity plays out on Steve’s upcoming solo instrumental CD “De-evolution of Theory.” Steve broke onto the national scene by winning the 2009 Guitar Player Live “Guitar SuperStar of the Year.” Steve was awarded a Voyage-Air guitar as part of that prize, and it’s transformed the way he thinks about traveling with guitars.

Guitar maestro Steve Senes burst onto the national music radar last summer. Why? He flat-out dominated the Guitar Player Live contest for ‘Guitar Superstar of the Year, 2009’ held in Livermore, CA.

Steve is native to the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, and his music is heavily influenced by the hard-driving ‘Southern Rock’ genre of that region. One listen to a solo riff that Steve lays down tells the whole story. This guy plays from the heart, with speed-of-light lead-guitar runs that are clearly off the chart.

Fast? Heck yeah. Clean? Yes. Melodic? Yes. Over the top…, like you’ve never heard before, effortless and beyond belief? Yes, yes, yes, and YES.

You gotta hear his work to believe it. Click the video below. Like the old ‘Wayne’s World’ movie… all that comes to mind is – “We are NOT WORTHY!”

With Steve’s commanding performance at the Guitar Player Live contest, he won a Voyage-Air VAD-06 Dreadnought guitar as a prize. Turns out that this Voyage Air Guitar has transformed the way that Steve thinks about traveling with a guitar.