“I recently bought it (an OM Songwriter) and have been playing for about two weeks. It has settled down nicely and started to respond very well to my playing. Although this is the lowest end of their line-ups, it has very nice mahogany sound and intonation/tuning is very stable especially when capo is used (better than my Martin). I own two high-end guitars (Martin and Collings) both of which are rosewood-based and this nicely complements my collection without spending a fortune. I also researched heavily before I purchased it and have no regrets. I highly recommend it to everyone whether you have travel needs or not. If you have any issues or questions, customer service at Voyage Air will gladly help you I had one issue when I received it (one of tuner nuts was not screwed in tightly) but it was fixable and they were very helpful throughout the process.”

Tosh in New York