300Guitars.com: Revisit

Previously, the guitar-nut website 300Guitars.com, did a review of the amazing Voyage Air VAD-06 Songwriter Dreadnought.  At the time, we mentioned that review here on this blog, and passed along our kudos and thanks.

Not surprising to us… is that Billy Penn (who runs the shop at 300Guitars.com) really likes the Voyage Air Songwriter Dreadnought… so he’s been following the news about Rusty Anderson playing a Voyage Air on stage with the Paul McCartney band.

Billy Penn recently posted an update about the VAD-06 on his 300Guitars.com website, and here’s a part of it:

“They (Voyage Air) are great guitars never mind the fact that they fold up (literally) for travel. The quality is excellent, sound superb, play like buttah and oh did I mention that they fold in half for travel…..? This is one of the products that comes along every once in a while and blows you away!

Thanks Billy.