Top Material – Premier Series

Spruce has characteristics that make it ideal for the “top” of an acoustic guitar (the part with the sound hole and bridge). Spruce is a straight-grained wood, and is very strong for its weight. In fact, Spruce was the wood used in early 1900s aircraft because it was very strong, yet still very light. For a guitar, this means a thin sheet of Spruce can be strong, yet easily transmit the resonance of the strings. It’s this top-wood resonance that contributes the most to the sound character of a guitar. Three types of Spruce are used for Voyage Air guitars: Select Spruce, Solid Spruce, and Sitka Spruce. All three make for a great-sounding instrument, and all have various considerations in terms of price, durability and performance.

Sitka Spruce is a rare and valuable species of Spruce that grows in the coastal rainforests of Alaska and Canada. It is widely known as arguably the ultimate tone wood for the top of an acoustic guitar and is commonly used on guitars where ultimate tone is the prime consideration, and price is no object. As used on Voyage Air guitars, Sitka Spruce is a solid wood and very thin which results in great projection, resonance and harmonics. This Solid Sitka Spruce is used exclusively on all of the hand built Voyage Air Guitar the Premier Series.