Craig Caffall – Lead guitarist for Maria Muldaur

Well here is my travel story. My name is Craig Caffall and I play lead guitar for Maria Muldaur (Midnight At The Oasis, circ.1974) for the past 13 years. I used to take a pair of Les Pauls on the road when we would do fly-aways over seas but was always scared that they would become damaged.

Then about four years ago I discovered Voyage Air guitars through a friend of mine while touring the southwest. Well when I got home I went to your web site and ordered two guitars from you. An acoustic VAD-04 SN and an
electric Bel Air VER-1. I really love the P-90 pickups on the VER-1 and I love the fact that it folds into an almost brief case size case.

We just played the Basel Blues Festival in Switzerland and people were amazed by the tone of the VER-1. Sorry you discontinued the model but really glad I have one to travel with. I even use it in the studio.
I have attached a video of us from the Blues Alive Festival in Sumperk, Czech Republic.

I have a new solo album (CD) coming out very soon and I used both the VAD-04 and the VER-1 on the album and added a thank you to Voyage Air guitars.
So THANK YOU for making wonderful instruments.

Musically, Craig Caffall