I first learned about the Voyage Air Guitar from my friend and bandmate, John Sudia. He showed up at rehearsal one day with a large backpack over his shoulder and my first reaction was “where’s your guitar?”

He proceeded to unzip the case, unfold his Voyage Air guitar, lock the neck in place…and then play the guitar without even retuning — all in the matter of about two minutes! The guitar played in nearly perfect tuning and the tone was stunning. In that instant I was hooked.

The timing of my discovery of the Voyage Air guitar could not have been better.
My family and I had just booked a long-awaited dream vacation to Italy and I was already stressing over how in the world I was going to travel on planes and trains with all that luggage and my precious 1930 Gibson L-1. To add to the stress, I had managed to get myself a gig in Florence the very day after we arrived. As if that weren’t enough, I am left-handed.

What would happen if I can’t get my vintage Gibson onboard the plane and it gets damaged in baggage handling? Searching for a suitable replacement left-handed guitar immediately after landing in a foreign country, or trying to locate a trustworthy luthier-repairman who speaks English and persuade him to drop everything and help me, would be surefire ways to ruin a great vacation!

The Voyage Air OM to the rescue…
To put it simply, this guitar lives up to it’s promise. The portability is just part of the story — finally, somebody invented a way to get a full-sized guitar onto an airplane without sneaking past gate agents, without the fear and embarrassment of getting “busted” once on the plane. But the thing that amazes me most is its dependability. The intonation is true, the action is comfortable, the volume is strong and the tone is sweet when playing finger style and solid when strumming.
And, yes, it can be ordered in a left-handed model.

I put my Voyage Air to the ultimate test: performing solo on a real stage in front of a live audience, at a venue I never performed at before in a foreign country, less than 36 hours after landing. I am happy to say it performed flawlessly! The gig was an unforgettable experience and I can thank the Voyage Air for coming through for me. It is now a regular part of my guitar family. It gets its share practice time and gigging time. I can’t imagine going on a vacation without it.

Kindest regards,
Karl Dentino
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