Delbert McClinton: Triple-Grammy Award winning artist Delbert McClinton chalked up the 2006 Grammy for “Best Contemporary Blues Album”, and has been recording and on the music scene since the 60’s. He’s penned such hits as “Two More Bottles of Wine” for Emmylou Harris, and “B Movie Boxcar Blues” used on the Blues Brothers’ Briefcase Full of Blues album. Last August, he released his latest album Acquired Taste to rave reviews.

In recent years, Delbert has been organizing and hosting a series of ‘Blues Cruises’ – a week at sea on a luxury liner with a huge roster of Blues notables. “The fact that you can tuck it away is a pretty big deal” said Delbert of his new Voyage-Air dread. “It’s also a big deal to unlock it and have it play so well. This Voyage-Air Dreadnought, this is a really warm guitar. It’s got songs in it… I can feel it.”