Graph Tech Ghost

Christopher Cyr: the Graph Tech Ghost

A few weeks ago, we received a sound clip from one of our Voyage Air owners/enthusiasts that just completely blew us away. We decided to make it a combination of a question and a poll, to see how many could correctly identify the guitar that was used for the recording.

Many voted. Few guessed the correct answer, and yes – it was a trick question.

It was a Voyage Air BelAir electric guitar.

Voyage Air owner Chris Cyr has put a lot of time and thought into modifications to his BelAir guitar. His most recent mods were to install Phantom Ghost piezo pickups at the bridge, and related circuitry that brings a true ‘acoustic guitar tone’ to the output of the guitar.

The video here is in two segments: in the first segment, Chris describes the various pickup and control modifications that he made to his BelAir guitar.

In the second video segment, he plays the same tune that was used for our question and poll. Realize that this video was made hastily (per our request) in a hotel room while Chris was out on a business trip with his guitar. Captured with a laptop computer, the video still proves that his BelAir created these incredible ‘acoustic guitar’ tones.

At Voyage Air guitar, we encourage you to share pictures, sound clips and videos that you can make with your guitar. You, and the music you create could be our next feature, and test question!