Hank Alrich

VA Open-Hinge-closeup

I’ve been playing for decades, have enjoyed many styles of guitar music, and played lots of guitars from the lowest imaginable quality to some truly fine instruments.

The Voyage Air guitars more than hold their own against anything I’ve played at a similar price point, excel compared to many far more costly factory guitars I’ve played, and represent truly excellent value even disregarding their foldablity. Their portability is more than mere icing on the cake. One does not truly appreciate this until one hauls a Voyage-Air everywhere daily, and discovers the remarkable ease with which they fit into spaces that are not guitar-friendly to any guitar that does not fold.

To Harvey, Hank, Lance, and everyone else at VG, hats off, thumbs up, right on, hooba hooba, and full speed ahead. Your trip is just beginning. Y’all have done something remarkable for the world of guitar players.

Thank you.
Hank Alrich