Popular Mechanics Magazine

Tests and Approves Voyage-Air Guitar

Popular Mechanics Magazine is perhaps the best mass-media source for news about mechanical innovations that affect everyday life. Recently, they put the revolutionary Voyage-Air folding guitar to the test, as printed in the September 2013 issue.

“As soon as the deep bass of the full-bodied instrument resonated… I realized the benefit of a full-size travel guitar,” said Popular Mechanics reviewer Rachel Arndt. “It does not lose rich sound to compactness.”

“Popular Mechanics Magazine is very stringent and thorough in their reviews,” said Adrian Bagale, COO of Voyage-Air Guitar. “They had our guitar for months, using it every day and under travel conditions before they selected our product to be featured in the magazine. This is more than an endorsement: it’s an honor.”

All Voyage-Air guitars fold in half and are supplied with a rugged backpack-style case to include zippered pockets that can store a laptop computer and other accessories. All of this fits in the overhead bins of commercial airliners. It’s a great, affordable guitar that can be used as a carry-on! Finally, a quality, great sounding guitar is easy to take anywhere. You can take it along for any of your adventures, i.e., biking/cycling, outdoor festivals, to the beach, camping or hiking… wherever you go for musical inspiration. Kids can even take it on their bicycle to music lessons.

Voyage-Air Guitar manufactures a full range of folding guitars, both acoustic and electric. Quality? Sound? They’ve been played live, on-stage during concerts for bands like Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett and Bob Seger.