Instructions for Unpacking


Thank you for choosing a Voyage Air Guitar. We know that the ability to travel with your guitar will inspire you to practice, play and share your music with others for many years to come. Now, get ready to enjoy the feeling. Play. Fold. Travel. Repeat.

Follow these simple steps to make your Voyage Air Guitar ready for play:

The Voyage Air Guitar is shipped inside a durable backpack-style case. Set this case on a stable surface (like a table) with the flat side down.
Unzip and open the case. Do not remove the guitar just yet.
The neck of the guitar has a hinge. Lift the neck up and away from the guitar.
The body of the guitar is secured in the case with a black nylon strap (the one with the pad for the neck). Undo this strap while holding the neck of the guitar.
Lift the guitar by the neck so the body of the guitar is nearly vertical. Keep the bottom of the guitar resting in the case.
Place your palm on the back of the guitar, near the top of the guitar body, but below the neck hinge.
With both hands, position the guitar slightly so the sound hole is pointing down towards the table surface.
Being careful that your hands or fingers are not in the way as the hinge closes. Pull the neck of the guitar into the playing position.
Tighten the hinge-locking thumbscrew to secure the guitar in the playing position. Just use your fingers to make the thumbscrew tight: no tools are necessary. Note: this thumbscrew also serves as the guitar’s strap-button.
Tune the guitar. Play and enjoy.
To fold and store the guitar in the backpack case, reverse the steps listed above.

Printable Voyage Air Guitar Owner’s Manual (pdf download)

IMPORTANT! Please read these step-by-step instructions carefully before you attempt to assemble and start playing your new Voyage-Air Guitar! Personal injury and damage to your guitar can result if it is not handled properly.