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Using the Barrel Wrench

Adjusting the Thumbscrew Grommet

Sometimes, due to movement from travel, the grommet inside the thumbscrew assembly can change position causing the thumbscrew to not function properly. This may be expressed as a small ‘gap’ on the heel of a guitar, and the thumbscrew not being able to be completely screwed in. This is corrected easily.

First, here is an explanation of the parts of the thumbscrew (the male half) that are inside of the neck heel.

Barrel Wrench-1

  • Thumbscrew Retainer Grommet (This is what you adjust with the barrel wrench, pictured top-left.)
  • Sleeve (pictured top-right)
  • Thumbscrew (pictured bottom)

Barrel Wrench-2

  • Now, here is an example of a thumbscrew grommet that has been shifted or shimmied into an incorrect position.
  • INCORRECT: Thumbscrew is all the way in and grommet is visible.
  • [A Visible Grommet is incorrect]

Barrel Wrench-3

  • To correct this issue.
  • Place the guitar on a solid, non-scratch surface. Make sure that the Voyage Air Guitar is in the folded position and the thumbscrew grommet is visible and accessible.

Barrel Wrench-4

  • Connect the end of the barrel wrench to the grommet protruding from the thumbscrew.
  • [Connect Barrel Wrench to Grommet]

Barrel Wrench-5

  • Rotate the thumbscrew clockwise until the grommet is no longer visible.
  • CORRECT: Thumbscrew is all the way down and the grommet is NOT visible
  • Click here for a printable pdf