String Tension


In most cases, the string tension is NOT released before loosening the strap button bolt and folding a Voyage Air Guitar. To ensure your safety, pay careful attention to the correct procedure for unfolding and folding your Voyage Air Guitar. We strongly recommend that you watch the demonstration on our HOW IT WORKS page. Also, please read the instructions provided with the instrument before you unfold and fold the guitar for the first time. There is a tendency for the guitar neck to spring outwards after the bolt is loosened, and this is perfectly normal. Be aware, and be prepared for this spring effect: it’s the key to safe and proper folding/unfolding and storage of your guitar.

Related to String Tension is the relief (bow) or reverse curve (back-bow) of the guitar fingerboard. Every Voyage Air Guitar is equipped with an adjustable truss rod installed within the neck. This truss rod can be adjusted from the peghead using the wrench provided with each guitar.

For optimum playing performance, we suggest that you let the guitar acclimate to the environment (temperature and humidity) in which it will be played. (NOTE, all Voyage Air instruments are set-up and played prior to shipping. However, different climates and environmental conditions may affect the guitars playability. A second look and personal adjustment in your specific environment will insure the best performance from the instrument.)

After you’re completely satisfied with the playability of your Voyage Air Guitar, we recommend that you leave it unfolded, with the guitar neck locked in the playing position. This allows your instrument to ‘settle in.’ While in the playing position, the string tension on the neck will create the necessary relief (bow). When the neck is folded, the string tension will be released.

All Voyage Air Guitars are designed to be folded and unfolded as many times as your traveling needs require. There is no danger in folding and unfolding it constantly. However, removing tension from the neck may require some time for the neck relief to come back into the neck once in the playing position.