“The Voice” Contestant & Voyage Air Owner

We reached out to JD after his appearance on “The Voice” recently asking him about his experience with his Voyage Air Guitar – here’s some of our chat…

JD: Thanks a lot for reaching out.

The Voyage Air Guitar was a lifeline for me while I was in the Navy. As I explain on the show, I didn’t have space for a full sized guitar. But didn’t want to sacrifice the sound of a full body acoustic. Before I reported to my ship in Japan, I ordered the Voyage Air Guitar to take with me.

I had no where to really keep it, but played it daily so I wanted it somewhere I had easy access to. I stored it packed up in the backpack and kept in at the foot of my rack.

So basically, I slept with it for 3 years. “Smiley Tears LOL emoji”

As I said, it was really a life line for me. I filled it with stickers from all the ports we pulled into throughout Asia and Australia.

It got me through the years I spent in the service. I’ve always been a musician and have always had a passion for music.

The Voyage Air Guitar gave me the ability to keep up my with my chops and even improve as a player while literally living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for 3 years.