That journey, with that guitar, literally changed my life…

I acquired my first Voyage Air Guitar in late 2016, specifically for a planned trip to New Zealand in early 2017. It was a real head-turner when I would pull it out and erect the neck (“Oy Mate! When I saw that case, I thought you were going to pull out an accordion!”) Here I am performing for folks at the Moutere Inn (New Zealand’s Oldest Pub, in its original building – estab. 1850), and Queenstown Airport. That journey, with that guitar, literally changed my life. I came home, quit my well-paying, full-time job and took a part-time job so that I would have more time and energy for making music.

Sadly, that guitar was turned to vapor and ash, along with everything else including my home and my town of Paradise, California, in the 2018 Camp Fire.  Now, 4 years (literally to the day) of that journey to New Zealand with that Voyage Air Guitar I received my new VAOM-3C.

I wonder what new adventures await.
David P