Before the Nashville-dwelling Jim Mayer became a mainstay in Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer band playing bass alongside his brother Peter on guitar, he earned his keep playing and touring with the likes of Moody Blues, James and Chicago.

For those of us not yet old enough to appreciate the subtle humor and salted, sun-soaked vibe of “Margaritaville” – much less buy a drink – Mayer has captured the attention of a much younger crowd with equal success. They know him simply as “Uncle Jim” and having twenty nieces and nephews of his own, Uncle Jim knows a thing or two about what the kids like. His first children’s album Funky as a Diaper has the chart success to prove it.

To date, “Uncle” Jim Mayer has played on over 30 studio recordings for Jimmy Buffett, JD Souther, Annie Sellick and many more, having produced and engineered 11 of those on his own.