Lee Harrington: Herrington Catalog

“I’ve spent too many nights in strange cities, wishing I could pass the time playing music, but unwilling to accept the risk and hassle of checking one of my good guitars through baggage. I’ve tried all the usual travel guitars, but they’re just too unsatisfying to play. So I was intrigued when the people at Voyage Air, aware of my passion for the guitar, asked if I’d be willing to audition a performance-quality travel guitar. Sounded like an oxymoron to me, but why not?

“…The amazing truth remains that, once you unfold the neck and tighten the bolt (without retuning!), you never once realize that you’re playing a guitar that folds in half! And the tone is every bit as good as the more expensive Martin, Santa Cruz and James Goodall guitars now in my collection. Brad Paisley and Steve Miller both play one, and that’s good enough for me!

Lee Harrington of the Herrington Catalog