Paul in PA – NEW Belair Owner

Dear Voyage Air Guitar…

Well the guitar arrived on Saturday 3/2 ! I didn’t really get to put it thru its paces until late afternoon Sunday and then Sun night I set it up to my liking (preferred string gauges, raised the action and reset the intonation) heavier strings gave the neck a bit more relief as I prefer, so didn’t need to touch the truss rod adjustment.

I have to say the case/ packaging (and of course the neck joint) are extremely well engineered and very clever.  The fit and finish are high quality, QC is obviously a top priority – set-up was very well done.  Varnish is flawless.

But guitar itself… To qualify my comments, I have mostly high end instruments (ES-355, PRS Custom 24, LP 58 RI, Fender EJ Strat and a Rice relic Tele, among others, including some high end and old acoustics, etc).  This is a nice guitar !! Frets are very well set and finished,  Loved the pickups, pretty damn good neck, too.  Excellent – a great value even without the folding neck joint.  What a find ! You did a great job in design and outsourcing – kudos.

I’m enjoying the guitar a lot, worth the wait (well, almost – I hate to wait, but even so…).  One happy new owner here.

Paul L