Paul Price & his VAOM-04BK

I got my new VAOM-04BK a few months ago and I wanted to express my feelings about the instrument. The obvious part that is amazing, of course, is that it folds in half and can be transported aboard planes and carried around easily. That part is–albeit amazing in its own right–not really the best part of the guitar. I cannot imagine a better guitar on the market today that sells for $499 of any brand, and this guitar is most impressive on this count. It sounds like a guitar costing a thousand dollars more, and the build quality and attention to detail is better than many guitars with the high price tags.
I am a professional, and set up my own guitars. For my playing, this one required very minor changes: I changed the saddle and the bridge pins and strings. I also installed a Seymour Duncan SA-6 pickup. The sound is very full, and the size is very surprising after you hear the projection. The Solid Spruce top sings, and even though the back and sides are laminate, they reflect and support structurally and sonically in all areas. I got the black model, and the vintage vibe is very cool.

I can’t fault the guitar in any area. It’s on a par with any American made guitar of similar type and the fact that it folds in half makes it possible to have a real guitar wherever I go. I travel and play gigs in England and I also fly a lot within the US, and this guitar will allow me to have my own sound and feel without compromising for something that is less enjoyable to play–meaning every other travel guitar on the market. Thanks again for such a killer instrument, and I will keep you posted as I continue to play it!

I recently did 3 gigs with my new VAOM-04BK, and the guitar performed and sounded great. I had numerous people come up and ask what kind of guitar I was playing because of how it sounded, not because it folded in half. When I showed them about it’s special features, I got the general jaw-dropping response. I played for about 2,000 people at the Villages in Florida Sunday, and I was running through a large sound system. The guitar was sensational. The Seymour SA-6 is perfect for the guitar and I have no problems dialing in my tone.

Paul Price, Florida   |