Bob Pellizzi

 A note to the staff at Voyage Air Guitar:

“My wife and I recently saw the Shark Tank episode, where there was a re-cap about how the Voyage Air Guitar company was doing. This was the first we had heard about these folding guitars. They seemed perfect for our use and upcoming travels.

“After some Internet research and a few phone calls, I couldn’t decide between the new BelAir electric guitar, or if I wanted just a Transit Series acoustic guitar… so I ordered one of each from Both guitars arrived in perfect condition, in just a few days.

“The sound of both is great! I have compared the BelAir to my usual Fender electric guitar, and I have to say that the sound is better, with more clarity to the notes.

“Now that I have had a chance to play them both, I am very happy with the quality of both the acoustic and the electric BelAir. I find that I am playing guitar much more frequently since I got them.

“Soon, my wife and I will take a trip to Greece, and I am planning to give the VAOM-02 to my nephew there, so I will need to buy another Voyage-Air Transit Series acoustic guitar.

“Just this morning, my grandson ‘Max’ age 5 walked into my closet and picked up my VAOM-02, and he sits down to play a song. Where he got the words, I don’t know, but I grabbed my video camera and have included it here. In the past, we tried to get Max going with other inexpensive guitars. Turns out no: Max wants a Voyage-Air!

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“I am amazed by the quality and tone of the inexpensive Transit Series guitar. With this quality, I would probably have paid more for an upgraded Songwriter Series guitar. But now, with my experience, I’m going straight to the Voyage-Air Premier series for my next guitar.

“Thank you, Voyage-Air. Your guitars have changed the way that I play my music, how often I play, and the way that I am able to pass the magic of music to my family.”


Bob Pellizzi – Buford, GA