Ravi is an accomplished singer/songwriter who shot to worldwide fame at a young age as the guitarist for the ’90’s band Hanson, playing guitar in front of millions of screaming teenage fans in scenes reminiscent of “Beatlemania.” Hanson’s triple Grammy nominated chart-topping song “MmmBop” catapulted the band into the music stratosphere, taking Ravi to stages at the White House, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Rosie O’Donnell, and Madison Square Garden, as well as the Louisiana Superdome as a solo artist.

His autobiographical book written on tour as guitarist of that year’s top-selling band in the world was published by Simon & Schuster. His voice has been likened to a young Steve Winwood or Peter Frampton.

Ravi is also a pilot and an aviation activist, writer, speaker, and founding member of the Flying Musicians Association. Bringing a little “rock ‘n’ roll” into aviation, he is a featured lecturer and performer at the world’s largest air shows and aeronautical universities.

Ravi loves traveling with his VAOM-1C, especially showing it off to fellow pilot/musicians who can really appreciate the unique capabilities and convenience of the Voyage Air, without compromising tone.