Retired & Traveling with My Voyage Air

I am retired so all of my travel is leisure travel and I love to travel with my Voyage Air VAD-04. It literally goes everywhere I travel. I had a K and K undersaddle pick-up install for gigging which turned out to be very insightful. Just a couple of examples where me and the VA (Virginia, as I call her) have been.

It is always a joy to have a guitar away from home to noodle around to keep up skills or perform. In 2015 I embarked on an 8 day Rhine River Cruise with my wife and Virginia. On the small river cruises entertainment consists of 1 keyboard player who also sings. On the first evening I asked the on-board performer if I could sit in with him and he was gracious enough to let me join him. After a short discussion, we agreed that I would lead and he would back me up. He also suggested playing tunes that might get the audience up and dancing. We started in on some old rock and roll: High Heeled Sneakers – Shake, Rattle and Roll – Kansas City and had the boat rocking. After an hour and a half of non stop playing and dancing I had to move on to other planned activities. The keyboard player and I got together 2 more evenings onboard and kept the boat rocking.

We have a new grand-baby and make numerous trips from Washington DC to Denver on a regular basis. Virginia ALWAYS makes the trip with us. On a recent visit we went to Ziggys – the oldest blues club in Denver for open mic night. I am basically an acoustic blues finger-style player so I started my set with Blind Blake, Robert Johnson, Cephas and Wiggins then moved over to some acoustic versions of Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. The set was supposed to be for 3 songs but the guy running the open mic said to keep going. My wife gave me the hand across the neck sign to stop after 40 minutes. Although when in Denver, more importantly I play lullabies for granddaughter Sierra.
We have also performed from Florida to Maine and the Caribbean also. When playing out in public, an important part of my performance is taking out and setting up the Voyage Air in front of the audience. It always draws attention, drops a few jaws and gets some questions. I appreciate the technology you guys put in to developing the VA guitars. I certainly get much use from mine.

Willie L.
Chesapeake Beach, MD