Scott Walker, a BelAir Believer

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“I’ve been playing music gigs for over 35 years here in South Texas. I primarily play a Fender Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul Custom. I found out about Voyage Air Guitar on the Internet, and then read the reviews about your Voyage Air BelAir folding electric guitar. If it worked, I knew this BelAir would solve a big problem for me, running my guitars around to my gigs.

I ordered the BelAir through an Internet seller. Overnight shipping was an extra $50 – I told them ‘no problem’ – I wanted it right away to see it and play it.

I was amazed. I’m very picky about my guitars. Right out of the box, the strings were very close to in tune when I folded it open. Then I checked the intonation. It was spot on, perfect. I tuned it up and played it, and then left it on a guitar stand overnight… I wanted to see if it would hold its tune. The next morning? Still in tune, perfect.

Then I played it LOUD through some of my classic Fender amps, like a 1972 Fender Deluxe Reverb. Now, I’ve never owned a guitar with P90 pickups like the Voyage Air BelAir, but I was blown away. And this, with the same strings that were shipped on the guitar. I haven’t yet experimented with my favorite strings.

So then I had a gig down south, near Corpus Christi. I told my brother that I was going to take this folding guitar… he couldn’t believe it. It fit between the front seats of my pickup truck… my brother used it as an armrest as we drove it down there.

If you don’t know Texas… it can get really humid and I was concerned about the Voyage Air guitar. We set up our stuff. I put the BelAir on a stand in the back. About 3 hours, so it could get used to the humidity. Just before the gig, I picked it up… tuning was perfect, ready to go!

I played it for the whole gig. Didn’t use any other guitar. It was amazing.

Customer service? When I first got my BelAir guitar, I contacted Voyage Air about upgrading the tuners to locking tuners. I received an immediate reply about what kinds would fit, and where to find them.

And then when I sent my pictures from my first gig with the Voyage Air BelAir, Voyage Air contacted me the same day, asking about my experiences, and how I liked the guitar. Nobody does this… no guitar company that I’ve ever heard of.

Thank you, Voyage Air Guitar. I’ll keep you posted about my experiences and adventures with my BelAir guitar!