Hi my friends,

I’m a french musician, my name is Thierry Saumande, I live in Pau, France.

So glad to have the “Belair” Voyage air guitar. This guitar is linked to my trip in your wonderful country.

Last year, I decided to make a break and travel all over the world during 6 Months. My first trip was in Asia from October till December 2012. Japan, Philippines, China, Singapore, Thailand. I took about 10 flights and it has been too complicated to bring a guitar (so i only took a guitalélé which i could bring like cabin luggage).

When I came back to France for Christmas, searching a solution to this “plane problem”, on internet I found Voyage-Air Guitar. Wouawww! I wanted the Belair model, and as i had planned to go to United States for three months, I decided to buy it in the first town i visited: New York. I only flew to USA with a small amp on battery, microphone, stand and stuff. All in a small baggage. I knew my guitar was waiting for me and she did.

We have traveled together in New Orleans, Birmingham, Montgomery, Memphis, Natchez, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and all over Florida. I took six planes and it has never been a problem at the check in.  The guitar never leaved me. During this fantastic trip, I’ve played sometimes busking, sometimes in restaurants and all people were amazed by this guitar. How can it be possible that people in this country couldn’t know that this great guitar was made in America! That was so funny for me to be a French Ambassador in a country which produce the best guitars. I liked it.

When I came back to France, The Belair guitar became my favorite. I can play everything on it: Jazz, Blues, Rock. The pickups are wonderful and there is a so good vibration of the body…The sounds are warm and clear. I have a guitar which is a curiosity everywhere i go for a gig. I want to thank you for having solved the “plane problem”. I can now go everywhere in the world with my guitar easily.

Greetings from France, I want to come back soon in USA and, why not buy another Voyage Air Guitar!

Thierry Saumande